Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I just did three paintings in a row and they were all bad, so I'm not going to show them to anyone.  People who paint know what I'm talking about, and maybe others get the idea too.  I want to say something profound here, but it's just not coming out.  Does anyone out there have good ideas how to get back on track mentally?  I know what skills I do have didn't just go away overnight, but summon all I want, nothing seems to work.  When I did commercial artwork, you didn't have the luxury of messing up, so you just kept going until it looked professional.  Come to think of it, I just did a job for a dental surgeon in our family that we trade work with.  Wait, let me get it.  Ok. here it is.  When I took the job ( I say "job", but it was for free, and I wanted it that way), I didn't know how to design a dental tool, but together we came up with this.  Thank you, Photoshop.  There's no option to fail in the middle of the work, so here it is.  Whoever says a landscape should be an easy painting, just doesn't understand the process, or got good at it a long time ago.  Bye for now.

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