Friday, March 30, 2012

"Porch with Blue Door"

This is an acrylic painting on primed hardboard, 5"x7" in size.  The Cox Farm first began in what is now Lehi, Utah around 1860 and grew to many acres, part of which has been sold off occasionally to make way for housing tracts.  We have gotten to know the owners, now in their seventies, and walked the land with them.  They have ten or eleven cows, a bull, some calfs, chickens, lots of cats.  Grapes, squash, string beans, broccoli and many other tasty veggies.  We get invited every Summer to pick some of the fresh food for our dinner.  The farm is surrounded now by new houses and Lehi will continue to grow as the population gets larger, but I have my house, everybody else please go away. :-)

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